Our mission is to enable businesses to be more economically and environmentally sustainable by digitally transforming the supply chain.

Meet Vorto

Since 2017, Vorto has been leading supply chain automation. Our AI-powered technology is facilitating a digital transformation in B2B supply chains by automating how we move, sell, and buy goods and eliminating the cognitive overload associated with other supply chain management technology.

Vorto’s autonomous supply chain platforms are used by Fortune 500 companies across North America — saving companies up to $480 million while drastically reducing the environmental impact of supply chain inefficiencies.


Vorto's Growth Story

In 2018, our Founder Priyesh Ranjan is pictured sitting in the very first Vorto office, which held the entire company of 4 people. The image below is the most recent Townhall taken in the Fall of 2022, where we celebrated our success of growing to over 300 people!

Priyesh’s vision then in 2018 was to transform the trucking supply chain and save the American Dream for struggling truck drivers. 96.2% of America’s trucking fleets are very small trucking companies with less than 20 trucks, making it the largest and hardest working occupation in America.


His leadership, passion, and relentless work ethic has given us the opportunity to assemble an unbelievable team of hungry pioneers. Each of us feel blessed to be part of a mission driven team that gives it all to make a true impact in our society!


Meet our team

Priyesh Ranjan


Samuel McLaughlin


Daniel Huang


Troy Lee

General Counsel

Brian Wallace

5F President

Benjamin Angotti


Robert Moore


Russel Palmiter

VP of Engineering

Jason Berumen

Director of People

Kohn Phu

Director of Operations
Commercial Advisory Board

Meet our Advisors

Anthony Chiarello

ex-TOTE CEO and ex-Maersk Logistics President

Ramesh Chikkala

Grocery Outlet COO, ex-Walmart Global Supply Chain & CTO

Kevin Heath

ex-Georgia-Pacific SVP Sourcing & Procurement

Pete Kraemer

ex-AB InBev Chief Supply Officer

Julio Nemeth

ex-P&G Chief Product Supply Officer

Andy Walter

ex-P&G CIO / Shared Services

Proven Success Across All Industries


Launched SANDi™

Launch the world’s only autonomous supply chain platform, that automated procurement and logistics. For shippers, suppliers and carriers.

Launched HAULi™

Launched payload agnostic platform for the energy sector.


Launched Vorto™

Building on our learnings from SANDi & HAULi we launched VORTO to be industry agnostic, automating procurement and logistics in North America.

Launched 5F Platform

In March of 2021, we launched the 5F Trucking Platform, becoming the largest trucking platform in the energy sector within just three months of launch.

Launched 5F in the OTR Industry

In early 2022, we expanded into the OTR trucking market to reduce costs for shippers and increase earnings for truckers.
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