Our CEO, Priyesh Ranjan, shares insight into how we have assembled a company of mission driven Pioneers to transform supply chain.

Vorto is an automated supply chain platform

Within just one year of our launch, we did over $2.3 billion of gross spend on our platform. By automating procurement and logistics for our customers, we have reduced the number of trucks our customers use by 66%. This resulted in a reduction of 150,000 tons of CO2 emission, the equivalent of 200,000 acres of forest, while also increasing the wages of truck drivers which is the largest occupation in America. Today Vorto is uniquely positioned to capitalize on a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to lead the transformation of a $4 trillion industry. Many customers and new team members have asked us "How have we managed to transform an entire industry and create a sustainable company in such a short time?” This question is understandable, as more than 70% of US tech start-ups fail outright, and more than 90% of US tech startups fail to generate a return on invested capital. This means more than 90% of US tech professionals have never personally experienced creating a product that results in a sustainable business. This blog post shares insight on how we have created a sustainable company, and our culture.

The "Why"

An organization’s "Why" cannot be faked or bought, but must be ingrained in the company’s DNA.
Our “Why” is to transform the world’s supply chain to make it as efficient as it can be, enabling businesses to be more economically and environmentally sustainable.
All our team members love our mission and the opportunity to make a true impact on the world - which is bigger than themselves.

The “How”

No matter how good the company’s strategy, culture will always "eat strategy for breakfast." Unlike large and established companies, start-up companies have a very small window to win and create a sustainable company, as most fail in spite of all the hard work. Our culture to win has been built on the following backbone:
  • Personal Ownership across the Entire Business - full ownership of end-to-end product development and operational execution makes the product our own baby - the product's success is directly in our own hands, and what we personally do directly impacts the success of the company. Several of our developers have stated that they’ve shipped more code at Vorto in their first 30 days than they have in the last 3 years of their prior jobs. This ownership creates a sense of responsibility that we have to our fellow team members and our customers.
  • Voice at the Table – an intentionally small and nimble organization allows team members to have a voice at the table and have an intimate understanding of the business by getting direct exposure to the executive leadership team.
  • High Performance Team – we pride ourselves on having built the most high-performing and low ego team that each team member has ever worked with.
  • 10X Effect – Supply chain is a very antiquated industry that is resistant to change and full of companies trying to digitize it. Hence, the only way to create change is by creating products that are 10 times more valuable than the existing products, and continuously innovating to build them 10 times faster to mitigate the risk being disrupted by copycat competitors.
  • Embracing Ambiguity – we are leading the way of this transformational change, which means that there isn’t a clear roadmap that we can just simply follow.  This requires a certain caliber of individual who possesses the capability to move quickly and innovate in situations of extreme uncertainty, just like all the entrepreneurs and pioneers before them.

The “Who”

Invariably, implementing transformational change cannot be achieved without a great deal of adversity. As a result, our team’s favorite motivational quote is by George Bernard Shaw which states:
"The reasonable person adapts themself to the world; the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to themself. Therefore, all progress depends on the unreasonable person."
Here at Vorto, we call this unreasonable person a Pioneer. As anybody who has built a successful startup can attest to, the success of the startup is more about grit, than it is about talent.  As mentioned above, what we are doing is incredibly difficult and requires long hours well beyond the 5-days a week, 8-hours a day of a typical job, and as such, requires incredible levels of grit to work such relentless hours towards their mission. Hence, our recruiting process involves intensive vetting to ensure fit with the criteria laid out in our "Nutrition Facts."  Our Nutrition Facts enable us to assemble high-performance teams of talented Pioneers who can innovate at phenomenal speed.

Are you ready to be a Pioneer?

If you feel our mission and culture resonates with your personal values and purpose, join our mission as a team member, partner, or customer.