Vorto early adopters have seen significant cost savings across several segments covered in this case study:

  • NPT Elimination
  • Trucks and Assets Utilization
  • Detention Per Load
  • Trucking Cost - Internal & External
  • Total Landed Cost


Cost Savings

Elimination of Non-Productive Time (NPT)

Vorto’s integrated demand prediction and supply matching platform automatically responds to supply interruptions to prevent Non-Productive Time due to inbound logistics failures.

In 2022, our customers saw 0 minutes of Non-Productive Time across their operations due to inbound logistics failures, representing an unprecedented increase in their production efficiency.


Cost Savings

Truck and Asset Utilization

Vorto’s intelligent, automated, dispatching doesn’t just mean more on-time deliveries. It also yields dramatic improvements in carrier turn rates, which mean carriers can move more loads with fewer trucks and assets.


Detention / Load

Cost Savings

Detention Per Load

By automating all aspects of the driver workflow, Vorto’s customers have seen an almost complete elimination in detention.


Cost Savings

Internal & External Trucking Cost

Shippers and Carriers (1st and 3rd party) saw significant improvements to a carefully watched metric called Turn Rate.

Turn Rate is used to measure how many trips, on average, a driver can perform in a day for short haul work. Even small increases in this number yield drastic improvements in carrier efficiency.

Shippers were able to leverage the dramatic turn rate improvement, thanks to Vorto, to lower their external carrier spend and make their internal fleets dramatically more competitive.

Turn Rate Improvement



23% Reduction in Per Load Landed Cost

Customer A Case Study

Cost Savings

Total Landed Cost

When Shippers used Vorto’ s AutoProcurement module to dynamically balance payload and material cost they saw savings in excess of 23% of the “Total Landed Cost” (Logistics + Material).