Supply Chain Automation Software That Delivers Savings

Imagine a supply chain that runs efficiently and effortlessly — one that predicts demand, schedules fleets, automates payments and solves problems.

There’s supply chain software…
and then there’s ReLoad


Traditional Supply Chain


Enhanced Supply Chain

using software


Less People, Less Processes, Less Integrations

You may have already adopted software that does a decent job of addressing a few key problems inherent in the traditional supply chain like visibility, for example. But your supply chain doesn’t need fixing — it needs transformation. That’s where ReLoad comes in. AI-powered automation that transforms supply chains for buyers, suppliers and logistics providers.


Automated Supply Chain Platform


Automated Requisition


Automated Forecasting


Automated Logistics


Automated Reconciliation


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A healthy bottom line. A healthier planet.

Eliminate Expensive Driver Detention

Move the same freight

– with 66% fewer trucks on the road

Improve driver utilization by 248%

Decrease supply chain spending by 40%

Eliminate 150,000 tons of C02 emissions

Increase utilization. Decrease costs. ReLoad makes the impossible, possible.

React in real time
with AutoDemand

Change is inevitable. Orders get modified, canceled or pushed all the time — and the resulting chain reaction is typically handled by logistics and procurement with manual responses: emails, phone calls, updating software. It’s inefficient and error-prone.

ReLoad reacts automatically. Upload or integrate into demand plans, using AI to predict, automate and optimize procurement and logistics. No demand plan? Reload has your back with auto-restock functionality.


Guarantee the lowest total landed cost with AutoProcurement

Bad decisions are costly. With so many data points to consider, it’s challenging for your team to accurately predict supply conditions, consider logistics costs or choose the ideal vendor to make the best decisions, 100% of the time.

ReLoad does the thinking for you and fully automates vendor relations. Now you can use your existing supplier contracts, blind bidding or reverse auction and get the lowest total landed cost every time.


Minimize detention and stock-outs with AutoLogistics

Unpredictability is predictable. Long wait times at pick-up/drop-off locations, missed dispatches, delayed trucks — it all happens daily in a dynamic environment. The result? Driver detention and low utilization that leads to truck shortages and skyrocketing costs.

ReLoad’s AI automates the scheduling and tendering of loads to maximize carrier utilization and minimize wait-times — all while avoiding facility stock-outs and providing full visibility. ReLoad proactively re-routes based on road conditions, delays and order changes.


Ensure fast and accurate billing and payments with AutoPayment

Billing is complicated. With variables constantly changing, it can take a lot longer than it should for the carrier and shipper to validate and bill loads correctly and completely. When payments are delayed and inaccurate, the frustration contributes to strained relationships.

ReLoad leverages data from AutoLogistics so both the shipper and carrier can easily process loads for billing that include deadhead and detention. Plus, all loads have GPS backup and proof of delivery so they’re billed correctly according to negotiated terms.


Improve performance with real-time intelligence

Data drives performance. The time and effort it takes to gather, analyze and present data could be better spent on business strategy.

ReLoad does the heavy lifting for you. Its AI learns from consumption over time so utilization increases and optimal inventory is maintained. End-to-end integration of logistics provides real time intelligence so you can focus decisions on business optimization and growth.

Start transforming your supply chain in days, not months

You’d think this level of disruption would take a lot of time. But because ReLoad is highly modular, you can be up and running fast. The platform can replace or enhance a variety of software you’re currently using — and outperform all of them — to create a supply chain that works for everyone.


Easy Integrations

Make ReLoad work for your business with support for a variety of API integrations.


Efficient Implementation

Save time and money with short implementation timelines and low implementation fees.


Quick Onboarding

Get your team onboarded quickly. We’ve rolled out ReLoad in less than 48 hours for large companies.

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