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Only the Unstoppable

If you’re the type to scale metaphorical mountains and run through proverbial walls, we want you to roll with us.


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150,000 tons

CO2 Emissions Reduced in 2019 – That's the equivalent of 200,000 acres of forest!


$480 million

Savings for Our Customers in 2019

Life at Vorto

Take on ownership of a rapidly growing company

We are an ideal location for engineers who want to push themselves to achieve their best; who want to take on ownership of a rapidly growing company, and build tools that are used by real people all over the country; who find themselves bored, unsatisfied, or underutilized at other jobs - like I was at my previous corporate job; who want to learn from a great team, and bring their own expertise to the group; who are willing to jump in, make mistakes, and ultimately come out a better engineer and professional at the end.

— Ryan Baldini, AI Engineer

Open and honest communication

My vision for leading my team is to continue working toward being a leader that I would also want to work for. I will lead by example with open and honest communication and invest in my employees. I will work tirelessly to help my team grow and achieve their goals.

— Kelsey Abernathy, Operations Manager

Broader experiences, challenges, and growth

At Vorto, collaboration is vital and welcomed. No one can do it alone, and everyone is willing to help! No matter which department you find yourself in, there is always the opportunity to lend a helping hand and receive the support you need company-wide.

The culture at Vorto will expose you to broader experiences, challenges, and growth. Collaboration is what I wanted most from my career; I have been getting a complete dosage of it since my first day, June 10, 2020. I’d happily prescribe this unique experience to anyone willing and ready to grow and be challenged!

— Francis Angotti, Controller

The cup is half-full with generosity

In a startup environment, we understand how important it is to keep our staff well nourished. We have the most well stocked refrigerator in town... ranging from energy drinks, all types of La Croix, snacks galore, and even lunch choices. We're a fan of eating and drinking well at Vorto/5F. The environment feels like the cup is half-full with generosity for all of the hard work. ;)

— Jennie Brady, Office Manager


Work with Great People

Work with extraordinary, passionate people who are driven to win.


Make a Difference

Solve challenging problems to transform the largest supply chains in the world.


Transcend your Skillset

Accelerate your career growth like never before.

If you want to make an enormous impact on the world, you must be prepared to fight for it.

But lately it seems few people have the stamina to stay in the fight for any length of time. Way too often, people lose steam. Passion peters out. Exhaustion wins. People start to phone it in or give up altogether.

But you’re different. You have rare endurance. You work independently and are devoted to your goals. You don’t get overwhelmed by frustration and failure because you understand the sun will rise again. Your work ethic might be considered too intense by some. That’s why we want to talk with you.

At VORTO, we have a passion for pushing forward. A thirst for action. A need for speed. We’re allergic to surrender. The challenge we’ve given ourselves is to transform the trucking industry to help the largest and hardest working occupation of America (truck drivers) that are struggling to live the American dream. We’re a haven for every unstoppable team member who wants to help us achieve that vision: from engineers to accountants, dispatchers to developers. If you’ve never said die, either… you may be one of us.



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Comprehensive health insurance & benefit plans


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Competitive pay


Flexible paid time off

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This is the most high performing team I've ever been a part of.

— Sean Ooi, Senior iOS Engineer

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