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Vorto Launches 5F to Optimize and Improve The Entire Trucking Ecosystem

Vorto announces the launch of 5F, the industry's first fully integrated transportation platform set to create more opportunities for drivers and reliable capacity for shippers and brokers.


Vorto launches new app to connect drivers and shippers

5F aims to match drivers with better loads while simultaneously helping drivers get paid sooner.


Halliburton CEO Expands Collaboration with Vorto & 5F to benefit from "the largest integrated transportation platform in the oil and gas industry"

"In 2021, we expanded our collaboration with Vorto and now benefit from 5F, the largest integrated transportation platform in the oil and gas industry."


Halliburton CEO Praises Vorto's Supply Chain Innovation: "Quite disruptive, but very effective."

"In North America, our relationship with Vorto is having quite an impact. I mean we are able to add drivers. We were able to retain drivers. It's been quite disruptive, but very effective."


Private Fleets Face Stiff Competition From For-Hire Carriers in Battle for Drivers

Private fleets are looking to add technology to improve ­operations. Halliburton Co., the oil field services firm that ranks No. 4 on the private TT100, is working with Vorto to apply artificial intelligence to how it purchases and trucks sand within its U.S. operations.


How to Build Successful Pioneering Companies

Check out this podcast of our CEO, Priyesh Ranjan, who shares the reason behind Vorto's hyper growth, and success in digitally transforming the supply chain industry. He shares insight on how he built a 10X culture and organization to achieve this hypergrowth.


How an AI-Applied Supply Chain Enables Efficiency

Today’s supply chains are laden with inefficiencies, as most companies rely on antiquated practices to oversee and manage how goods get from place to place.


Improving the Aggregate Industry Starts with Fixing Supply Chains

Aggregates are quite literally the bedrock of U.S. infrastructure. In 2020 alone, the estimated U.S. output of construction aggregates produced and shipped for consumption was 2.43 billion metric tons. But despite a growing aggregate demand, there is one cog in the machine that’s preventing the industry from reaching its full potential: a broken supply chain network.


How A.I. Connects Buyers, Suppliers and Logistic Providers

A supply-chain love triangle: a silly concept, to be sure, but with an outcome as disastrous as that involving Helen of Troy, Paris and Menelaus. The delicate nature of the supply chain has been on display over the past year as a result of the pandemic, from toilet paper shortages to the vaccine rollout.


Vorto's end-to-end platform uses artificial intelligence to help automate supply chains

Vorto has announced Reload, a new platform powered by artificial intelligence that eliminates costly supply chain inefficiencies in procurement, logistics, and back-office activities. Reload automates virtually every supply chain function, including demand forecasting, product procurement, scheduling, carrier logistics, driver dispatching, and invoicing.

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