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Vorto’s platform solves ‘love triangle of supply chains’

Vorto CEO Priyesh Ranjan told FreightWaves that Reload is an industry-agnostic “centralized autonomous supply chain platform that does everything,” including predicting demand for suppliers, finding fleets and drivers for outbound transportation, and automating invoices using artificial intelligence (AI) technology.


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“cognitive overload, which costs organizations millions of dollars in waste,” says Priyesh Ranjan, CEO of supply chain software company Vorto. “Relying on these incremental shifts to modernize the supply chain is inadequate in addressing the inefficiencies crippling the industry.”


Vorto Introduces Reload: First End-to-End Platform Using AI to Automate Supply Chains

DENVER--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Vorto, a company on a mission to increase sustainability by making supply chains more efficient, today announced Reload, a new platform powered by artificial intelligence that eliminates costly supply chain inefficiencies in procurement, logistics, and back-office activities.

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